Monday, April 14, 2008

A public service announcement

Stealing is soon to be LEGAL?!

I just read a very insightful story on how America is soon allowing theft(this is when a group of overly-animated tanned guys jump out and go:" Yeah, thats right, theft." ) of your art.

Somewhere in it, it says that if the law is passed, you'll have to pay (the same group of tanned guys:"Yeah, thats right, pay.") for every single piece of photo, sketch, drawing, painting, design, AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU CREATE the moment you create it!( if you do go to the link and not see it, maybe I dreamt it...)

How are artists, photographers, designers and future to-be artists(me) gonna make a living?! I can't possible copyright every single doodle! That would cost me millions!

Please. Spread the message.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hi, would you like donate? Thank you.

Now, try saying that 400 times to people who either ignore you or run from you as though you have SARS or something...while standing up.

Seriously. Most Singaporeans are so selfish.

Well, on with the post. When you are collecting money and/or giving out stickers, you realize that there are about 7 types of people in Singapore. The assholes, the ignoramus(seses-sses), the super donators, the virus-fearful, the "must-I?"s, the black hands and the apologetic.

Lets start with the assholes. I met like nine of them. You know that they're assholes when this happens. Okay, lets set the image. You are the can...holder person... and you see a guy walking towards you. You approach him and ask whether he has any spare change. He reaches into his pocket(by the way, I'm using "he" because every asshole I met was a dude.) and you hear a lot and I mean, A LOT of coins jingle around in his pocket. It's like he just robbed an army of hobos or something. Anyway, you obviously hear the coins and get all excited right? Then he looks up and goes: " No coins leh.." And walks off.

Then, there's a super-asshole. This guy, when I approached him, said no coins and rushed off. Then, when I said "Okay, Thanks anyway.", he got onto the escalator(I was standing outside an MRT station),stuck his hand in his pocket, shook some coins around, turned back, and smiled.

Yeah I know. What an asshole right?

Okay, next there are the people who pretend you do not exist. When you approach them, they just turn around and talk to their buddy, or walk straight on forward. There was this one guy who just pushed me aside when I got near him. Jerk-off...

Then, there are those very nice Singaporeans who donate like 412 times. A minute. It's these kind of people that make me happy. There was this old lady who walked past me like 4 times and donated every time. She had a lot of stickers.

There are also those people who, the moment they see you, either turn around, quicken their step or just run off. Seriously. There are people who ran. From me. And when they run off, they stick up their hands as though I'm about to shoot them. Every time someone does that to me, I always spin around to check if like Satan was behind me or something.

Next up, the people I like to call, the "must-I?"s. These people still donate. But when they donate or when you approach them, they give you that look like... "Aww...must I? I really don't want to. Please don't make me do chores..." These people shouldn't even donate if they don't want to. No, wait. Then I'd have to stand there longer.

Also, there the people who stick their hands in your face to stop you. It's as though they think they have the force or something. They're like "SHIIWEAOO!!' and expect you to fly away or something.

Lastly, there are the apologetic people. You know those people. You know, when you get near them they just keep saying sorry non-stop until they're like 200 meters away from you. I feel like when I get near them, and they start saying sorry, I feel like I broke them or something. I'm like "Woah. I didn't touch him! It's not my fault! It broke on it's own!"

Friday, April 11, 2008


What the hell is up with the number and fruit themed spammers on my cbox?!


Okay... The poll idea wasn't really thought through properly... I didn't really consider the fact that there might be equal amounts of votes on each side...

So... I am going to use his idea and force...wait...make...nonono...let...yeah, let people choose their own ideas!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Collection of estates

Well, last Saturday, I did that thing, Oh, whats it called? Umm... It's ummm....Oh yeah! Charity.

I went to collect estates. And newspapers.

So, we went around, knocking on peoples doors, collecting newspapers, collecting bottles, collecting puzzles, collecting toys, collecting some weird rubbery things with a white tip and whoring ourselves. Yeah.

SO, recap. My friend got called a "cry father vagina" in hokkien by a sweet, humble, honest old man, two of my friends and about eight girls saw a dude masturbating in his room and (the coolest part) we found a Dragon Ball-Z puzzle! Ka-Chow!

So, the day after that I went fo my Tea-Kwon-Do grading. I was tested on how fast I could make the different types of tea.


Wednesday, April 2, 2008


P.S. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!1!!one!!!

You are an average human. Three months ago, an advanced race of aliens had entered Earth's atmosphere. Within weeks of their arrival, they had started sending out waves of creatures and decimated half the world before it could react. In a matter of days, the entire planet has begin to resemble a war zone. Craters, bodies and piles of rubble are all thats left of once great cities. Now, the world has begun to regroup and forms a worldwide army for humanity's last stand.

Unfortunately, a small group of survivors from the aliens last attack have been stranded in the wreckage of a once prospering city. Help doesn't seem to be coming. You are their leader.

Although you and your group were only hiding out for a week, disaster has already struck. A few of the group's scouts have spotted a platoon of alien troops coming, leaving only hours to get out of the area. But, there are many wounded and weak in the group and it would take longer to leave. And, the provisions are too heavy for only the few healthy people to carry...

Okay, when you're done, use the poll to vote.

Choosing Your Own Adventures

Okay, after seeing that this guy wants to make his own choose your own adventure(CYOA for short) story, and after I read another CYOA book, I have now become inspired! INSPIRED I SAY!!! I have decided to try out my own choose your own adventure story and I'm gonna use a poll* to decide your next action. Please know that this is my first CYOA so please, don't expect any fancy writing.

So, here it goes...

*Although I know that if I use a poll, I might eventually become horribly saddened at the fact of how little people actually do read my blog, which could send me spiralling down the path of depression. Which, in turn, would cause me to eventually kill myself.

But, nah, if there are any votes, I'll be alright...