Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Fully insured!

Heh... the title says it all...I'M INSURED!

Today, my school gave me an insurance policy(?). If you read through the insurance policy(still ?)you'll see all kinds of wierd combinations of injuries you can get and the amount of money you'll get. it looks like
oh, loss of right finger with loss of speech and third degree burns to,or greater than 5% but less than 8% of the head
As I'm sitting in class reading the insurance policy(?...again) in my head im like "what the f...ishshticks! When on Earth am I going to lose my hearing, both my arms, and lose my leg between my knee and hip?!"

I mean, can you imagine I'm sitting in class, sketching on a piece of rough paper while my teacher is teaching, AND TWO NINJA BANANAS jump into my class, cut my arms off, make me lose my hearing with some sort of special hearing-deleting-transportable-machine-thingy and cut off my leg between my knee and hip then jump out again! Then, suddenly,an insurance policy person(?) in a suit, bursts down the door and gives me $2,000 dollars and turns into a doctor fixes(fixxes? fix? fixed?) my injured parts and takes the money away!

WHAT THE F...reedom fighter?!

Sunday, January 27, 2008


It has occured to me that in my last post, I have neglected to explain what I want to do with this blog. Well, as you can tell from the title of my blog,(flaming wet sponge) I'm using this blog to showcase my sketch...iness and talk(type) about stuff that intrest or iritate me.

Is'nt it obvious?

Oh Not Again...

Heh...I caved...once again, I have created a new blog...but this time, I promise to try to maintain my chipmunk-like attention span and post more than 5 posts...